Thomas & Kelsie: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

The way these two laugh and make each other smile is so contagious.  We love when we have a session where as we look through the viewfinder seeing two people so happy and in love that we can’t help but smile too.  Kelsie and Thomas were just that perfect couple.  I loved how every time he kissed he cheek, she couldn’t contain a burst of bashful laughter.  I loved how every time Thomas felt unsure of himself Kelsie was quick to tell him how handsome he looked and how lucky she was to be his soon to be bride.  They encourage each other.  They strengthen one another.  They laugh together.  They love passionately.  And they are happy…genuinely happy.  We couldn’t be more thrilled for them or their upcoming wedding.  We sure do have some amazing couples to look forward to next year, and these two are definitely among the top of the list!  We had to many favorites to include in this one blog post so be sure and check out the slideshow at the end!

There’s that adorable bashfulness that Kelsie pulls off so well.

Aren’t they so great together?!?!?!

Time for an outfit change and more awesome pics!

It’s really not fair that you guys are this cute together.

Perfect shot of how we all got through this session.  They are just ridiculously so happy together that this kind of emotion just bubbles out of them.  Love it.

Kelsie, you’re adorable.  Thomas, you’re quite handsome yourself.  I love you guys together.

One final outfit change as the sun was setting.  The colors and the light at the end of the night were perfection.

Probably my favorite shot of the whole night.  Just so sweet and simple.  Perfectly Kelsie and Thomas.

Click HERE for the slideshow!

Thanks guys.  We had so much fun.  I hope you guys enjoy all of these.  And we can’t wait for the wedding!  See ya soon!

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Julia DuPlessis - August 30, 2012 - 12:54 pm

Perfectly beautiful pictures and a wonderful couple. Charish these special times… We look forward to your life together. Hey by the way, where did you get those perfect smiles?

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