Melinda & Derrick: in love….still.

We have known Melinda and Derrick, well at least Melinda for over 10 years now.  She has been a friend of ours for it seems like forever….and Derrick, could not be a better fit for her.  Melinda and Derrick contacted us a couple of months ago about taking some updated photos of them before their family expands and it can no longer be just the two of them!  We were more than excited to shoot these guys!  Hope you enjoy!

When this is our very first picture out of the camera, we know we are going to have a blast!


One thing is for sure….50 years from now…these two will still be making each other smile.



Doesn’t this shot just make you want to leave your computer right now and go cuddle someone?




Louisville, KY

Their sense of style, their killer good looks, their sense of humor, everything about Melinda and Derrick is AWESOME!  We had so much fun shooting them and seeing their cute, cuddly side.  We don’t think Melinda and Derrick know how to not put a smile on their faces.  It just came so easy to get these two to laugh and have fun in front of the camera.  But not because of anything we did….they are just that much in love and happy with one another that it just oozes out of them.

Thanks so much guys for letting us see this little part of your life.  It truly was our privilege to be asked to be a part of this moment in your life.

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