Jon & Sarah: ENGAGED! | Bowling Green Wedding Photography

It was an early morning….very early in fact.  The start of the shoot was scheduled for 6am.  And we were all in agreement that we are NOT morning people.  BUT, despite the early rise, and our “normal” grumpy attitudes…this shoot was perfect.  The light at that hour of the morning is just magical.  And Jon and Sarah were nothing short of incredible.  They laughed at each other, they laughed at us, and their smiles were enough to carry us through this morning.

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you know what our style of photography is.  It is intimate, it is fun, and hopefully, timeless.  But to acheive some of these looks, you simply must get all cuddly with your man, and act like you like it!  Sarah and Jon did this to perfection…but they did say they were not going to look at one another for the rest of the day!  They were both in agreement they don’t ever remember looking into each other’s eyes this much…so after this was over….they needed to look at other things!

I really don’t know if these two have a serious side.  Even in some of their “serious” faces you can see the laughter just about to burst through.  They are perfect in every way for each other and their wedding in September is shaping up to be something beautiful…but CERTAIN to be a blast!



I feel like I owe a slight explanation for this next photo.  We were having some fun with the huge background and steps in front of this building.  I was taking some up-close shots while Brian was shooting the whole big picture.  As we walked back down from the stairs, brian in the calmest tone ever says….”that says, SUPER TARD.”  And apparently at 6:30 in the morning…that is hilarious.  So we all had a good laugh about them being “super tards”  Their totally not…but it was totally worth shooting!




I am amazed at how many successful marriages we have shot.  Mostly because we seem to have a crazy number of brides and groom who root against each other in sporting events.  Sarah, well, she has it right…she’s a Wildcat girl!  Jon….sorry dude.  Alabama?  Really?  😉








Couldn’t fit in all the awesome-ness from this shoot in the main post…so we created a slideshow!




Bowling Green, KY

Thanks again guys for getting up so early and being such good troopers through this!  You guys made what could’ve been an early start to a very long day incredibly fun and entertaining.  We hope you guys love the pics…we sure do!  Can’t wait to see you guys again in September!

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