Dustin & Erika: ENGAGED! | Lexington Wedding Photographers

I love the fall, I love Lexington, I love Zoe (more on that later…) and I love these two!  Dustin and Erika met on eharmony and have been dating for almost a year now.  I love that in today’s world it is a perfectly common and acceptable place to meet your best friend and forever love.  From what I gathered, Dustin and Erika were both very hesitant about the whole process from the get go, but a few small fibs on their back ground stories, and some time later, they both gave in and hapily foud their perfect match!  Dustin is an engineer who graduated from Georgia Tech while Erika is a Doctor from Kentucky Medicine. These guys are zany and fun!  I had so much fun laughing with them and getting to know them each a little better!  I hope you guys love these pics!  I’m really looking forward to June!

Meet Zoe!  This is Erika’s Horse!  How gorgeous is she?!?!?

Lexington, KY

Seriously you guys are so fun and playful!  Made my job a piece of cake!  Can’t wait for the big day in June!

Dustin….these are just for you!!!

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