Craig & Kelsey: ENGAGED!

These two were by far the craziest, most up-for-anything, fun-loving, exciting couple we have shot to date!  So with that statement, let’s dive right into this one!

So our session started with moving a fence with this sign so we could work behind the barrier.  I’m telling you…no fear exists in these two!

But boy oh boy was it worth going back there!

Little did we know we were photographing Peter Parker, aka Spiderman!  We turned around and Craig was 15 feet in the air pulling Kelsey up right behind him!  Maybe this is why the “Danger, Keep Out” sign was up.  For guys like him!

Hey Kelsey…just in case you didn’t know…you’re beautiful.

You guys are cute…  🙂

Craig….you’re not so bad yourself!

Love us some gorgeous light!!!

So when we told them just to talk ahead a little bit…this is what we got!  HA HA HA!

this makes me smile!

Their only request…pictures with the “chickens.”

How gorgeous is this?

And finally, to end our session they jumped into the waterfalls despite their freezing temperature and allowed us to snag these last few bits of awesome!

Louisivlle, KY

You guys are a perfect definition of the word AWESOME!  You guys were total goof-balls the whole session and that’s the way we like it!!!  We love that you aren’t afraid to be who you are no matter who is around or who is watching!  You two make each other smile these huge smiles and laugh loud laughs.  It is so amazing to watch you two together.  We can’t wait for your wedding!  It should be a blast!  Thanks for being perfect clients!

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Craig - April 14, 2010 - 9:47 pm

These pictures turned out awesome! You all did a great job and definitely go to every effort to get the best shots. Brian, nobody has ever made a better table, I’m sure of it.

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