Casey & Adam: ENGAGED!

Cute?  No.  Sweet?  No…that’s not it either.  Fun?  Well, yes, but that’s still not the perfect word.  That’s it….PERFECT!  Casey and Adam are perfect for each other.  

They chose their location.  Which we love, love, love, when couples do this!  It makes the session so much more personal to them and speaks to who they are as a couple.  Casey and Adam chose to go to the Clark County Forestry in Henryville, IN.  It was A-MAZ-ING!   Acres and acres of forest, ponds, overlooks, playgrounds, and awesomeness!  We hope you guys love these as much as we do.


check out this view!


Casey: “There’s a really cool fire tower up the hill.  Would you guys want to go over there?”

Us: “Uhhh….yes, please.”


yummy light….


Adam: “There’s this secluded gravel road and field just over the way.  You guys game for that?”

Us: “Uhhh…..yes, please.”







As we were driving around we saw a super cute “merry-go-round.”  Brian and Eric immediately got an idea in their head.  The result:


we had to go a little artsy with this one…



Henryville, IN

Any couple that has ever been shot by us or any one that follows this blog regularly could tell you we adore cuddly, kissy, “bring it in tight”, photos.  Casey and Adam had no shortage of these!  However, Adam made the comment to us that with all of this kissing, he felt like he was making up for something he did wrong!  Well, Adam…you did nothing wrong…in fact, if evidenced by these photos, you did everything right!  (side note:  he really didn’t mind….we promise!)  😉

Casey and Adam were totally prepared for this shoot.  They had 4 outfits ready.  They scouted the location and were so excited to rock it for our cameras!  We had so much fun following them around the park.  Every single location they took us to was perfect.  We could not have asked for a better couple.  Maybe we should offer them a job, just scouting locations for us!  Interrested guys?  😉

Seriously, thank you guys so much.  We can’t wait to continue the journey with you guys in June!


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