Bradley & Devin: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Engagement Photography

Deep breath…deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.  I can’t believe I’m about to say what I am about to say.  These are my sister’s ENGAGEMENT photos!  WHAT?!?!?!??!  How did this happen?  I’m pretty sure she is still just 6 years old and doing everything she can to get on my nerves!  She can’t be getting married….but alas….it’s the truth.

There are many times I sit in front of this screen with a blinking cursor trying to find just the right words to describe our couples; to make everyone understand how great their love is.  I struggle to find the perfect phrases to describe how gorgeous the bride is, and how perfect of a guy the groom is.  But this one…this one is particularly tough.  It’s incredibly difficult to fit into a few short sentences how great my sister is.  She has grown up (without my permission mind you) to become a beautiful, strong, independent, caring, thoughtful, sweet, generous, loving, compassionate woman who I am beyond blessed to call my sister, but more importantly my friend.  I have watched her come through trials stronger, and hit the highest of highs with the utmost grace and humility.  We weren’t always close, in fact, ask my parents we fought…A LOT!  But now I am happy to say that I don’t like to let a day go by without talking to her.  She challenges me, she pushes me, she encourages me and I am better for having her in my life.

I can’t believe I am watching her plan her wedding.  It is a day I, of course, always dreamed of for her, but was in no way emotionally ready for it to happen.  She will always be my baby sister, I will always be here for her with a waiting ear for our talks.  So, as much as it pains me to know you are growing up and taking off on your own, I simply couldn’t be more proud of who you are and what you are becoming.

Now, Bradley.  I realize I’m not super intimidating…but you better believe I got that girl’s back.  From what I know and have observed of you, you seem to love my sister passionately.  I really do believe that you are already exemplifying a great husband by always putter her needs ahead of your own.  You seem willing to do whatever it takes to lead her and one day your future family with compassion and conviction.  I hope you chase your dreams and push her to chase hers.  You make her a better woman.  You have shown her how to love unconditionally, and you lead that by example with your own great big heart!  I’m thankful she found you…but even though she would never admit it, she’s sensitive, she worries, she always looks for the best in people to a fault, and she NEEDS you to protect her.  It’s hard for me to hand her over to you….but I think you just might be the man for the job.  Good luck, kind sir….I love my sis…but you’ll have your hands full!

So, this may have been the biggest pressure I have ever put on myself for an engagement shoot!  They had to be just right.  Hope they love them!  (thank goodness I’m not shooting the wedding…I don’t think I’d survive!  The super talented J Grace Photography is handling that task!  Can’t wait to see what she produces!)

Meet Harper.  She is my sister’s baby!

I love that Harper has a great big smile on her face.

Clermont, KY (Bernheim Forrest)

Love you both!  Can’t wait for the big day!

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