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sWinter Wonderland?  You betcha!  The temperatures were hovering around a shivering 20 degrees but that didn’t stop us nor this adorable couple from braving the weather and rocking a beautiful engagement session!

I’m going to be honest…..I LOVE WINTER SESSIONS!  I mean yes, it is freezing cold.  Yes, you have to trudge around in the snow.  And yes, my fingers freeze off because I can’t shoot in gloves.  But there is something so amazingly, beautiful about them, that it makes all of that, MORE than worth it!  There is just something about the snow covered trees and the white blanket on the ground that just distinguishes it from the typical green grass and blossoming branches.  Don’t get me wrong, spring sessions are great as well, but we don’t get the opportunity very often to shoot in the winter.  So when opportunity knocks…we fling the door wide open!

Lally and Bob were nothing short of awesome either!  You would’ve thought that it was 80 and sun-shinny!  They were game to sit in the snow, and they hid their shivers, oh so well!  Not to mention they are so freakin’ adorable together!  I can’t wait for their August wedding!  It certainly should be much warmer next time around!


Louisville, KY

Lally and Bob, I really hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I do.  Thank you guys for braving the snow, and the COLD!  I love this session!  I can not wait until your wedding in August!

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