Austin & Lauren: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photographers

The chase.  That’s how this relationship started.  Boy meets girl…Girl leads boy on.  Boy pursues girl…Girl keeps him at bay.  Boy plays guitar…Girl swoons.  Boy keeps chasing girl…Girl falls in love.  In a very brief nutshell, this is Austin and Lauren’s love story.  Sweet and simple, but it is a story that they love to tell now and a story that they hope to someday tell their grandchildren.  Lauren admits she made it difficult, but Austin couldn’t wait to jump in and let us know that she was worth every ounce of energy he put into catching her.  So I hope you guys will enjoy these photos.  I hope it captures the love, laughter, and amazing future you guys have ahead of you.

Lauren can’t help but glow with a smile when Austin gives her the smallest kiss on the cheek.  Lauren can make Austin laugh in a heartbeat.  Together they hold each other close and fit perfectly together.  Austin, I’m glad you chased her.  Lauren, I’m glad you finally gave in.  But mostly I’m glad you both picked us as your photographers!

Austin thinks I’m ridiculous.  He made fun of me a lot.  But I’m OK with it…because it got these awesome reactions and gorgeous smiles out of them.  So, future couples of all angles photography, feel free to make fun of me all you want as long as you promise to be as awesome as Lauren and Austin!

You two are SUPER CUTE!  😉

Perfect fall light and colors…ummm…yes please!

Austin just bought these boots for Lauren.  I say….PERFECTION!

Cuddling up in the tall grass.  Just one of the crazy thing we may ask you to do on your session…but wouldn’t ya say it was worth it?

Seriously?  You guys are perfect!

Finally, the guitar.  Austin started strumming her a few tunes, and she was smitten.  She said she wanted to take “lessons.”  In reality, she just wanted to hear Austin play more.  And as the time moved on, love did it’s job and finally brought these two together.  So of course we had to shoot what finally did the job of roping Lauren in!

And finally, this is them.  Having fun, laughing, and just being comfortable in each other’s presence.  I can’t wait for your wedding.

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