Alex & Alisha: ENGAGED!

You need to prepare yourself for what you are about to see.  This may possibly the most gorgeous esession we have ever shot!  The light…perfect-o.  The location, amazing.  The couple, oh so cute!  Everything about this shoot was perfection!  It was beautiful.  So truly take your time and enjoy this one.  I know we did.

Wedding Photography

Are you kidding me with this?  Love these two!

Alisha, your smile not only lights up your fiance’s face, but everyone else’s around too.

I love everything about this photo.  Everything.

This may be, possibly, could be, my favorite frame ever.  Maybe.  😉


I love how you two make each other laugh.

Just looking at this shot makes me want to cuddle my hubby.

Alex actually drove this truck home from ALASKA!  How great is that?  Thanks for thinking ahead for us, Alex,and saving this truck to be a perfect backdrop for your engagement session one day!  We really appreciate it!

Meet Howard…he’s cute!

I love you two.  Thanks for falling in love and asking us to document it.  It makes me happy!


Taylorsville, KY

Wowza!  What you guys have is beautiful.  It is exciting to see two people as crazy about each other as you guys are.  Alex, I was amazed all day at how you adored Alisha.  The way you held her, made her smile, looked at her, it was just simply beautiful.  Alisha, it is so sweet how relaxed with Alex you are.  You totally just fall into him and trust him to take care of you and make you happy forever.  I have no doubt that he will.  You guys are something rare to find, and we are sure glad we get to be such a small part of something this perfect.

We can’t wait for June to get here.  You guys are sure to have a fabulous wedding, and we honestly just can’t wait to hang with you guys again!  In fact…let’s grab a pizza at the new Papa John’s!  Next time…we’re there!

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