Aaron & Lindsey: ENGAGED! | Louisville Engagement Photography

FINALLY!  Fall has arrived.  And we as photographer’s couldn’t be more ready for it to make it’s appearance.  It brings with it beautiful colors, gorgeous light, cooler temperatures, and all around good moods for us and our couples!  Lindsey and Aaron were no exception.  We shot their lovely little esession at Bernheim Forrest.  This time of year is just amazing there.

Aaron and Lindsey have been together for over 6 years!  Yes, yes, you read that right…6 years!  They met way back when they worked together at the local cinemas.  A friendship turned into flirting, flirting turned into dating, and dating has led to this engagement.  I’m only *slightly* (OK…a LOT!) jealous that we are not shooting their wedding.  Why, you ask.  Because it is in JAMAICA!  Ocho Rios at the Sandals resort to be exact!  I told them I would stow away in their suitcase and take all of their beautiful pics if they would only just let me come along….but alas…they have turned me down!  🙁

But we DID shoot this engagement session and we WILL be shooting their fun reception upon their return home…so for now, enjoy this first gorgeous fall session, and hold your breath waiting for the reception!

Have a blast guys!

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