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Welcome Baby Jeremy

January 20, 2010, at 8:01AM our lives changed forever.  Brian and Raquel welcomed their second baby boy into their lives.  After a somewhat challenging pregnancy, they were more than ready to greet the little one.  So early that morning, 7lbs. 15oz. and 19 in. of joy came screaming into the world. Being photographers we are […]

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We would just like to take a brief moment and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. We hope you take this time of year to reflect on those most important to you in your life and take an extra second when you hug them this year. We hope you are thankful for the new additions to […]

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We Are Movie Stars!

OK…so not really, but you guys should definitely check out this clip. The guys who made this video are so disgustingly talented that it is unbelievable. They’re called Northernlight Filmworks, and lets just say if  any of us are ever married again, renewing our vows, or heck just having a family reunion these guys will […]

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tweet tweet…

OK people I’m just going to lay it out there….YOU NEED TO BE ON TWITTER!  You may have heard about this phenomenon sweeping the country from your friend obsessively pecking away on their keyboard or phone, or you may have heard some major news network asking you to follow them.  Either way…it is the newest, […]

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Felicia’s Married!

Just a couple weeks ago Brian and I had the HUGE honor of being a part of our good friend’s Adam and Felicia’s wedding.  This time… a tux and dress sans camera!  However I did manage to snag a few shots while us girls were getting all prettified with nails and hair and all that […]

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