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Nick & Zhaleh: MARRIED!

It could not have been a more perfect fall wedding day if written by Walt Disney himself in a classic fairy-tale. Only in this storybook novel the princess was the radiant Zhaleh and her prince charming, Nick, was all decked out in his beaming white tux. Every detail was paid close attention to ensure that […]

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Brent & Melissa: MARRIED!

WHOO-HOOOOOOOO!  Finally September 12, 2009 had arrived and it was time for us to shoot Brent & Melissa’s wedding!  We were soooooo excited for this one.  It was in a new gorgeous venue, The Grand, with a couple that we already knew and loved hanging with!  Poor Melissa had a tough time getting to this […]

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Brian & Jenna: MARRIED!

Finally the day had come.  Brian and Jenna were one of the first engagement session we had ever shot, and we just fell in love with them way back then!  We had been waiting for months and months to finally get to shoot their wedding, and this past Saturday…it had finally come!  Your guy’s day […]

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David & April: MARRIED!

The long awaited post is finally here!  This is the 2nd edition of our crazy double wedding weekend!  So…here goes! David and April, if you guys weren’t so FREAKIN’ awesome…there would’ve been no way we could’ve made it through the day!  But simply hanging with you guys and your AMAZING bridal party was so much […]

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David and April’s Day in 3 Minutes

So Elizabeth and Raquel like to call Eric and I “the piddlers.” We got this name by constantly changing settings on their camera’s, flashes, etc. just to try and learn different things and figure out how everything works.  At this particular wedding, while we were waiting on the girls at the salon we got this […]

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