Our first Baby Girl is Almost Here!

So this may be the most awkward entry I’ve ever had to write…namely because I’m the subject.  Writing about yourself is both challenging and freeing.  So here’s a bit of the backstory and the story of what we hope is to come.

We have two beuatiful, crazy, hilarious, sweet, perfect (most days) little boys.  They provide hours of entertainment, even in the middle of the night when it’s not so welcome at times.  They constantly have a full tank of gas and burn at 1,000,000 miles an hour all hours of the day.  We wouldn’t change 1 thing about that either.  So between work, maintaining our house, our marriage and trying not to screw up the kids we already have…life stays pretty busy!  But…we were on the fence about whether or not we wanted a third.  We were kicking the idea around, and just trying to get some plans about how a third will fit into this crazy mix.  Then one day….SURPRISE!…God made up our mind for us!  We were long from expecting this little one so soon, but sometimes it’s beautiful when God moves you out of the way of yourself and creates something wonderful in His timing.

So anytime in about the next two and a half weeks our first little girl will be arriving.  Sometimes I wonder/dream/hope/think about what she will be like.  Will she be full fledged tom-boy like me who will keep these boys on their toes?  Or will she be sugar and spice and everything nice with ribbons and bows in her hair?  (Lord help me if she is!  LOL….cause this momma will need some lessons on how to do ribbons and curls if that’s the case!)  Either way, we are so excited about this precious gift God has placed inside of me, and will soon be in our arms.

I was on the fence about whether or not to do these maternity shots….you see when you are short and quite round to begin with like me….you don’t get this cute little basketball that some girls get.  You get big all over.  So typically at this stage of my pregnancy, I’m hot (in the physical temperature meaning), I’m tired, and I’m humongous all over.  And I still am this time.  But this is going to be our last, and I thought there may be a part of me down the road who for some strange reason, actually may want to remember this time in my life.  And I think about how I wish I had some of these pics like this of my mom….so for my soon coming little girl….these are for you.

PS….HUGE thanks to Elizabeth for taking these for me!  She did an amazing job, and despite my extremely tough criticism of myself, she still managed to get some great shots that even I can smile about.  I’m glad I have Elizabeth as a business partner, as a sister in law, but most importantly as my friend.  Thanks girl…I owe ya!

Can’t believe I’m about to show you guys these….but here goes…..



Baby Girl, we can’t wait to meet you.  We have been preparing, praying, and dreaming of you for quite some time now.  We can’t wait to be your parents.  Your brothers can’t wait to hold you.  And everyone can’t wait to love you.  See ya soon sweet girl!

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