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Stephen & Amanda: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

These two are those types of people that they don’t even have to say a word and you can feel and see the love between them.  With just a touch of his hand, she smiles.  With a glance his way from her, his heart skips a beat.  He holds her tight, she kisses him softly, […]

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Ryann & Lauren: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photographers

The Horseshoe Casino, pops of red, bright lights, fun details, and love…..all equals this super fun wedding day of Ryann and Lauren.  It’s clear you two are perfect for each other!  I hope you had all of your dreams realized and are looking into your future with bright expectations of the adventure that is to […]

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Andrew & Kelli: ENGAGED! | Louisville Wedding Photographer

I have been waiting on posting this for forever.  Around about 7 years to be exact!  OK, well maybe I have just been waiting on these two to finally take the plunge and tell the world that they are going to spend forever together.  From early on it was obvious that these two were perfect […]

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Dustin & Erika: ENGAGED! | Lexington Wedding Photographers

I love the fall, I love Lexington, I love Zoe (more on that later…) and I love these two!  Dustin and Erika met on eharmony and have been dating for almost a year now.  I love that in today’s world it is a perfectly common and acceptable place to meet your best friend and forever […]

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Mitch & Kyla: MARRIED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

Glitz+Glam+Old Hollywood+Jazz+1956 Ford Thunderbird+Beautiful People=Mitch and Kyla’s wedding.  The day was filled with nods to early 1900’s chic trends and we could not have been more smitten!  Kyla finished her look with a gorgeous handmade, birdcage, blusher veil, while Mitch sported a stunning classic, the bow-tie.  These two side by side….GORGEOUS!  They had a sweet […]

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