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Brandon & Jenna: ENGAGED! | Kentucky Wedding Photography

I loooooooooooooooove this session.  Everything.  Brandon and Jenna are an unbelievably, unrealistically, incredibly, good looking couple, who are hilarious, sweet, loving and kind all wrapped up in one PERFECT package.  They love each other passionately and if anyone was looking for a perfect definition of love….they would look and find this beautiful couple.  AAAAAAHHHHH…..I CAN NOT WAIT […]

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Chris & Stephanie: ENGAGED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Oh how I love fall in Kentucky.  Although the weather has been a little hot for the “fall” but the colors a-changing and the leaves falling sure do make for some gorgeous light and gorgeous pics! Stephanie and Chris are an incredibly cute couple.  They are laid-back and relaxed…which makes our job SUPER EASY!!!  I […]

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Matt & Jamie: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photography

OK….I have scoured the earth and I now know for a fact that two more beautiful people don’t exist together.  Seriously…it’s a fact.  😉  You guys are beautiful, wonderful people that are perfectly in love.  We had so much fun spending our day with your hilarious and sweet friends and family.  The drive up there […]

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Clint & Michelle: ENGAGED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Mutual friends  brought these two together and they have been inseparable ever since.  Michelle is finishing school in December and Clint is in the Air Force and just got home from his technical training.  So not only are they finishing school, planning a wedding, but also in the process of finding a house!  I feel […]

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Darrick & Marie: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photography

From casual chatter to deep conversations to the toasts, it was obvious to everyone in attendance that these two were destined for this day from early on in their relationship.  Darrick joked throughout the day that it took him a long time to convince Marie that he was the man for her…but judging from the […]

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