Kaysie & William: MARRIED! | Lexington Wedding Photography

A navy blue suit on a handsome groom. A beautiful bride with a smile from ear to ear. Familiar faces that we’ve been privileged to photograph several times. Wine. Fun. Lexington horse country. A gorgeous Kentucky barn.  The chill of a November day.  How could we go wrong?!

With Kaysie and William it just comes easy.  It’s rare that we photograph a sweet couple that puts US at ease, but with these two, we just get to sink into the moment and truly enjoy what we are blessed to be able to call our “job.”

If you dropped Kaysie and William off at a run down factory they would make it look incredible, but on this day in early November we were blessed with a stunning, classic Kentucky barn nestled into a beautiful vineyard in the middle of Lexington in late Fall.  Let’s just say all the stars aligned and the ingredients were all there for us to score some stunning pictures of their perfect day.  It was a dream come true and we sincerely hope they love these images for a lifetime ahead.




Kaysie you are absolutely stunning.  Breath-taking.


Nothing beats a first look.  It’s always my favorite.  Always a highlight.  Our hope is always that we capture in in such a way that our brides and grooms will forever be able to remember exactly how they felt in this snapshot of time.


Please order a canvas of this image.  I mean….REALLY.


Or either of these.  I will allow you to get either of these of in canvas options too!


Those eyes…that suit…Kaysie you hit the jackpot with this stud!


Such a fun crew!


Get outta here with this place.  We were in heaven!


Daniel & Kaitlin: MARRIED | Destination Wedding Photography

We drove a couple hours south to the quaint little town of Dahlonegah, Georgia.  But upon arriving it was as if we had been transported to breath-takingly tuscan village.  We have never had the privilege to work in such a stunning location.  Add to it the striking beauty of our bride and groom, the laughter and comfort of getting to shoot our family’s wedding celebration, gorgeous attention to detail in every aspect of planning this day, and the simple fact that we already love what we do…this was a fairytale playing out right before our eyes.  This wedding has been on our radar for quite a while and we could not wait to get to work.  (Though, we think you’ll agree once you see these images…this can hardly be classified as “work”)


Kaitlin, seriously.


It’s honestly like she stepped out of a magazine and into reality.


The “daddy/daughter” first look is a relatively “new” tradition…but it has quickly become one of our favorites.  Such a sweet, intimate moment. (with never a dry eye left)


Daniel.  Stud.


Such a sweet moment to watch Daniel’s sister and Kaitlin’s brother deliver their gifts to their siblings.


This moment.  I won’t ever forget it.  And from the look on your guy’s faces…you won’t soon either.


Finally we got a few minutes to sneak away from the crowd and get these two alone with our cameras.  The way you two look at each other…its one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen.  Spend forever continuing to look at each other this way.


What a beautiful day.  What a beautiful couple.  Our prayer for you all is that, as much as you think you love each other now…we hope you will look back 50 years from now and realize that this was the day that you loved each other the least.  We hope you love only grows deeper, stronger, richer and fuller.  Thank you for allowing us to be there to capture the start of such a beautiful love story that is just getting started.

Venue:  Montaluce Winery

Hair & Make Up:  J. Thomas Salon

Dress:  Fabulous Frocks of Atlanta

Florals:  Kennicott Wholesale Florist Atlanta

Music & Entertainment:  Nice Entertainment

Mike Campbell - November 2, 2017 - 5:26 pm

You gals (and guys) are the best!

Your photography is breath taking, but you work so efficiently so it is not obtrusive. But I think what matters most is your sense of joy, awe and wonder. Your spirit adds to the party. And your prayers build faith, hope and love. I know I am biased, but you all are the best.

Love you all.

Mike Campbell
Father of the groom.

Kyle and Kendra: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photographers

If you tried to engineer a more beautiful day, well, you would fail.  Everything from the gorgeous Cedar Bluff wedding venue to, the perfect weather, to a line up of incredible cars to the most stunning bride and groom.  Seriously, there was beauty at every turn.  Nothing was over-looked!  We loved getting to be a part of this day and we sure hope that Kendra and Kyle will look back on these images for 100 years to come with a smile on their faces.  Thank you for you this opportunity.  (We would’ve been jealous if anyone else got to shoot this day!)


Thomas and Megan: MARRIED! | Indiana Wedding Photography

Do you ever meet someone in this life and just know you have met someone special?  That was Megan and Thomas for us.  They are genuinely some of the sweetest, most thoughtful and genuine people we have had ever the pleasure of photographing.  Thomas is a sweet and sensitive, hopeless romantic.  Megan is funny and has some fiercely loyal friends…which I think says a lot about what kind of friend she is!  It was a beautiful setting on a beautiful day for an even more beautiful couple.  We loved being a part of this day.  Thank you for the opportunity…and thank you for being you guys!  Enjoy!


Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Thomas had already been spoiling Megan with gifts delivered all day every hour on the hour, but this one was one of the most amazing and thoughtful gifts we had ever seen.  Thomas had this custom wooden box commissioned then filled with letters for every major milestone they will cross in their future together.  First anniversary.  First Dog.  First Home. Fifth Anniversary.  First Child.  Tenth Anniversary.  Twenty Fifth Anniversary. Fiftieth Anniversary.  Ladies, find you a man like that.  Marry that man.  Marry the man that has such confidence in your marriage that he writes you a note on your wedding day that he intends for you to read on your fiftieth anniversary.  All.  The.  Tears.


After a beautiful day and a GORGEOUS reception was under way, the worst happened.  Thomas was struck with a horrendous migraine!  But he was absolutely determined to not miss his celebration, or disappoint his new bride.  So in between dark room hide-aways, therapeutic massages, and soft music and sunglasses he came out for their first dance.  Then would have to retreat for a bit again before coming back out for the next event.  Thomas, your heart and determination was something special to see.  Megan, the way you stood by and supported your brand new husband, loving him no matter what is just a beautiful example of what an incredible wife you are going to be.  You two really have something special and I cam so excited to see what the Lord continues to do in and through you guys!


Josh & Kelsey: MARRIED! | Louisville Wedding Photographers

Sometimes there is just a sweetness that warms your heart when you look at photographs.  You know those ones that just bring a soft smile to your face?  Even if you don’t know Kelsey and Josh, I can guarantee that just one glance at this couple will make you happy, knowing that true, young love still exists.  Josh and Kelsey just have a way about them that pulls you in.  It’s easy to get lost in Kelsey’s beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile and simple laughter.  Josh has an easy going way about him that you can’t help but relax and be yourself around.  Together these two light up any room they come into together and the world is a better place for it.  It was our true joy to capture this day for them.  (Especially because Kelsey is family!)  We hope they will forever remember this day for the perfection that it was and continue to smile, hand in hand.

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